Swim Bike Run is a project created between 2009-2010 in the Tri-State area of New York City. During that time I visited around 10 different events, ranging from casual Central Park 5k runs, to the few most notable big events like New York Nautica Triathlon, Philadelphia Triathlon, New York Toughman Half Triathlon, and smaller New Jersey "Jersey Man" Triathlon. I followed each event from the very early hours, in which athletes were preparing for the start, and to the end, when people were packing and going their ways. I literally shot hundreds of images that I then edited down to 33 images. 

It all began with my brother and his wife. Having people in the family who would wake up at 5 am, pitch black winter time, just to drive for a swim session, then drive to work for a full day and after work, go running or biking, definitely catches your attention. Weeks, months of dedication and sore muscles to prepare for a race. 

This is one of those projects that I really never felt I would have an interest in, because I'm primarily interested in commercial and editorial photography. The only sports photography that I would really stop and stare at and admire was the commercial projects made for Nike, Livestrong, Adidas etc. It was only natural for me to try and bring that commercial flavor to my own shots. You dont have to be Mr Usain Bolt to be a star in my project, and that's probably what was the most interesting about the people I photographed during those races. I would see a mix of dedication, the strong will to finish the race, or for a few, just the will to try and do as much as possible.